Message from the Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents & a New Blog Link

We are pleased to share that Fourth Grade has a new blog.  To view Ms. Soucy's new "Fabulous Fourth Grade" blog, click here.  Once the fourth grade blog is displayed, you may subscribe to receive all future posts to this blog via email by entering your email address in the subscription box that appears on the right side of the 4th grade blog. You may also view Ms. Soucy's 4th grade blog by using the Fabulous Fourth Grade link that appears under SMS Teacher Blogs on the right side navigation bar of our school blog.

With 10 days left in this Connecticut  Legislative Session, the Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents had advised us that  it is MORE IMPORTANT than ever to make sure our collective Catholic School voice is heard. The Federation requests your support, please call your legislator TODAY! 

Below, the Federation outlines their current position on 2 important pieces of legislation.

We are grateful that SB 29, An Act Authorizing and Adjusting Bonds of the State for Capital Improvements, Transportation and Other Purposes now includes language to allow non-public schools access to the school security funding.

Click here to view this bill.

• We respectfully request our Legislators support SB 29 because all students in Connecticut, regardless of where they go to school should be entitled to a safe learning environment.

Additionally, SB 46, An Act Concerning Pesticides on School Grounds, seeks to expand the ban on the use of lawn care pesticides in schools to include schools with students in grades nine to twelve, inclusive.
Click here to view this bill.

• We respectfully request our Legislators oppose SB 46 because expanding the ban on pesticides to our high schools would increase the risk of student injury due to a
deterioration of the fields, add an additional fiscal burden to pay for alternative pest management treatments and result in a costly conversion to turf.

Click here to help you locate your State Legislators. Please be sure to keep your message positive. Parents, grandparents, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to call or email their Legislators TODAY!

Thank you for your continued support of Connecticut's Catholic Schools. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Mary Roberts