2014-15 SMS Trust Scholarship Application is Now Available

The application period for the 14-15 Trust Scholarships is now open. The guidelines for scholarship eligibility appear below:

Any family whose children have completed a year's enrollment in kindergarten or above and will be enrolled in grades 1 through 8 at St. Mary's school the following year is eligible to apply. There are no requirements regarding parish or religious affiliation.

All completed applications must be postmarked by the date indicated on the Private School Aid Service application and must include a check or money order in the amount of $27 payable to "Private School Aid Service". NOTE - This is a $2 increase in the application fee since last year. This is a non-refundable application fee.

Scholarship awards are made by the trustees and families that receive an award will be notified once the trustees have reviewed all applications.

The application form has been sent to all families using the SMS Families 13 email distribution list on Monday, April 28, 2014.  It is also available on our school website.  Click here to access the application form.

The application form is a fillable PDF. This means that you can complete the Student Aid Form by printing it out and filling it in by hand (using blue or black ink) or you can type on the form on your computer screen by placing the cursor at the appropriate fields and typing in the information. You can then print the completed document and save it to your computer for your records (If you are running Acrobat 7 or higher). NOTE: You can select which pages you would like to print under the "PrintRange" section and preview every page under the "Preview: Composite" section by moving the sliding bar beneath the image. If you have any problems
printing the file, please follow the steps below:

-Click on the File
-Select Print
-At the bottom of the print window there is an option called "Print What":
-Change this option from Document to Document and Comments
-You should see the change in the small print preview screen
-The PDF should print correctly

Your completed form and application fee should be mailed to:

Private School Aid Service
PO Box 89434
Cleveland, OH 44101-6434

All applications must be postmarked No Later Than May 30, 2014.