An Opportunity To Encourage

As some of you may know, Mrs. Gannatti's son, Tim, will soon begin his first 6 month deployment on the USS Hampton submarine.  There are very limited opportunities for those serving this deployment to be in contact with their families and no opportunities for family visits.

Families of servicemen and women are allowed to prepare a modest sized box of encouragement that is shared with their loved one at the 3 month mark of the deployment.

In conjunction with our RED shirt Fridays,  we would like to try and collect at least 166 Twix candy bars (Mrs. Gannatti's son's favorite candy bar!) and notes of encouragement so that every person deployed on the USS Hampton will have something special from SMS when they open their box. Participation is strictly voluntary, not required!    If you choose to participate, we request that you send in your Twix bar and/or note no later than Tuesday, 1/13/15.   All donations will be collected in homerooms. Please address your notes of encouragement "Dear Hero,"  Thanks in advance for your support of this special way to remember those that serve to protect our freedoms!